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Should You use Automated Blogs for Real Estate

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I’ve seen this a lot recently and feel like I should address it. Why are there so many real estate agents using automated blog posts? I’ve seen a lot of different agents sharing the exact same post. I finally looked into it and it is an automated blog service. I’m assuming that most of the agents who use an automated service just don’t realize the damage these automated posts do. I want to explain exactly how using automated blogs for real estate will kill your presence online.

Automated blogs for real estate agents (2)Why you should not use automated blogs for real estate.

I’ll talk about the obvious and just plain annoying reasons you should not use an auto blogger. It’s just lazy. When you see a generic post about a generic subject with crappy stock photos, it screams lazy. Imagine a prospective client also checks out a few other real estate agents in your town and sees the same exact same automated blogs for real estate. Awkward! There’s no reason to use stock photos in this day and age. Everyone has a high quality camera on their phone now. Get creative. Your camera plus a site like Canva can give you great looking branded graphics that are original and professional. There are some slight instances where it’s a good idea to use an auto blogger. The way the real estate world uses it is not a good idea. If you were running a news site and had news feeds set up to auto blog that could would work. But the way the real estate industry is using it is detrimental.

Google HATES duplicate content

I would consider this the main reason why you shouldn’t use automated blog posts. Google will penalize you for duplicate content. There are many different ways duplicate content can happen. Some are more natural than others. Having duplicate content like an auto blog on many different sites is the worst form of duplicate content. Lately we have been seeing Google treat this a little differently than they have in the past. Google used to penalize your site and totally drop it from search rankings. Now they seem to just not ranking the duplicate content. This is the worst thing that can happen if you are truly trying to market a blog and be visible online. If you don’t care about your site ranking and people seeing you then keep using an auto blog. This brings up another point. If you are using a blog platform that is not WordPress then no one will see your site anyway. The free page your broker gives you is not a real website or blog. No matter how much they tell you that the SEO is good and that they are always working on making it better. Don’t waste your time with it.

What should I use for a real estate blog?

I go into this in more detail which you can read about here. I’ll summarize it for you in this section. You can use a simple WordPress blog (wordpress.org through a hosting service like Siteground). Use the Yoast SEO plugin and you will be miles a head of every other realtor in your town. Start writing your own posts. Start by answering all the questions you’ve heard from buyers and sellers. There are so many subjects you can blog about. Don’t be lazy, set aside a few minutes every day and write for 15 minutes. By the end of the week you would have about 1,000 word post. You will find that once you start writing for 15 minutes everyday, that time will start getting longer and longer. Once you get in the flow of writing you won’t want to stop after 15 minutes. If you would like more information on my total content marketing course for real estate agents check out my course page. I walk you through a comprehensive process and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and do. If I did all the things in the course for a client it would be an $1,000 a month worth of work. Check it out and sign up for my email list to be the first to know when it’s available.

How to Find Writers for a Real Estate Blog

If you really don’t have the time to write blog posts or think you are the worst writer ever, there’s another option. You can go on upwork and hire blog writers. This can be a great option for you. However the time you will waste sorting through and testing writers can be never ending. If you say you are a bad writer, I don’t believe you. I was a horrendous writer. I’m still not a good writer. I dropped out of community college. In my english writing class I was working as hard as I could just to keep a C average. Writing blogs is not college level writing. Google likes you to have a low grade level in your text. The average person can’t read high level writing so Google doesn’t rank it. They want to serve the most relevant and easy to consume content. If I can write 1,100 words, you can too. When I first tried writing blogs I could not write more than 300 words. My brain was fried and I needed a nap after writing. I practiced and learned tips and tricks and now I can write about 1,100 words on average. If you need help with anything or would like to hear more about content marketing, blogging, and how it can bring you leads, shoot me a message. I would love to talk to you and brainstorm some ideas. If you are using automated blogs for real estate marketing right now and want to learn more about that, I’m free to answer any questions. And if you are interested in my 5 week course, 2 hours a week of work. Use the form and submit your email. I’ll send you a free guide on using youtube to collect leads. I hope to talk to you soon. Send me a message on Instagram or Linkedin, or just shoot me an email!

Guide to Youtube in Your Inbox!

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