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I help real estate agents learn content marketing in 5 weeks!

Stop using techniques that don’t work! Do you feel like no matter what you do on social media you just don’t get the results? If you feel lost and don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place! My 5 week step by step course will walk you through everything you need to do to start collecting leads.

There has to be a way to get leads online

It took me 5 years after starting my first business to finally figure out how to correctly use content marketing. Once I figured it out my business took off. It was super frustrating before that. I tried every technique I could. Facebook ads, Google ads, every technique I saw someone else having success with I would jump on and try. 

I never knew about having a complete marketing plan. I would just try random techniques. I never had the success I wanted.

I was telling a very successful business acquaintance about my troubles and he said to me “You need to learn SEO and get to page one on Google”.

That became my quest for the next 5 years. I studied and learned SEO and really dug into content marketing. I taught myself everything. I read blogs, listened to podcasts, youtubed everything I could. I became very good at SEO and content marketing. I even used my knowledge to freelance for bigger marketing agencies.

Now I teach real estate agents all the proper techniques and steps to be successful online. I have gathered everything into one course for you. 

It sounds crazy to take years of marketing knowledge and cram it into a 5 week course. If I would’ve had all this information I would have been successful so much sooner. 

Don't Rely Only on Social Media

If you have been a real estate agent for anytime at all I’m sure you have been bombarded with people trying to sell you on social media. You may have even tried a few different social media techniques. The problem is that Social Media by itself is not a sustainable marketing strategy. It can work as a segment of a larger marketing plan. But if you use social media by itself the results stop as soon as you stop paying for it. 

What if there was a way to own all your content and have it produce better results over time. That’s what content marketing does. You own everything you post online. It does not disappear down the stream like social media.  It actually grows stronger over time. That’s why content marketing is so powerful. It is working for you 24-7. The more content you add the stronger your presence becomes.

We do use social media in our plan. We don’t rely on it as a main source of leads. We teach you how to use social media to support your main content. Look at all the realtors on Linkedin who are posting and sharing content from blogs they don’t own. How great would it be to drive traffic to your own awesome blog and collect the leads there.

Owning your own blog also positions yourself as an expert. people trust the information they find on a blog and view the blogger as an expert in their field. Just by having a blog you automatically look like the expert. Very few real estate agents have their own website and blog, it creates a great opportunity for you to seen as the expert in your town.

Is This Real Estate Marketing Course Right For You?

This Content Marketing Course is for any real estate agent who has tried social media and found it just didn’t deliver the results they thought it would. It is for you who know you need to market yourself but have no clue on where to start. It is for the real estate agent right out of school who is brand new. 

This course is for the real estate agent who has been around for a while and seen the normal marketing techniques slowly being less effective. You do not have to be tech savvy to take this course. It is an easy walk through and I am here for you every step of the way.

This Course May Not Be For...

This course is NOT for some one looking for a magic bullet. It is a steady consistent approach that gets the results. If you are looking to dump a bunch of money into a system and have it spit out magical leads, this is not for you. If you like learning a process and knowing you are in control of the entire plan, this is perfect for you. 

I know it may sound weird, but I am NOT looking for everyone and their brother to take this course. I only want to work with those who see the value and are committed to the plan. This plan works if you make it work. The more effort you put into it the faster it will give you results.

Website design and SEO

Try it for FREE

If you would like to try a bonus class from the course you can try it out for free. I am giving you my guide dedicated to setting up and running a Youtube channel. Youtube is an important aspect of SEO marketing. You will find out why and so much more when you try it for free.

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