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How to use Instagram for Real Estate Agents

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You’ve decided to take the leap and try using Instagram to sell real estate. You heard about a Realtor® or another agent who is killing it on Instagram. At the last conference you went to, a social media maven was espousing the virtues if Instagram. Somewhere along the way someone sold you on the idea. No matter where you got the idea from, everyone knows you can sell houses on Instagram right? At least that seems to be what everyone is thinking. I don’t know where the idea came from or why everyone thinks this way. Instagram is the hot new social platform and works for some industries. I am going to tell you why Instagram is not the greatest place to be for leads. Yes I do think you should be using instagram and I will explain how to use Instagram for real estate agents.

How to use Instagram for Real Estate Agents

Let me begin by telling you why it will be extremely hard to find leads on Instagram. Especially if you are a real estate agent. 
How to use Instagram for Real Estate AgentsI will tell you the best way to get leads online near the end of this post.
Instagram is a social platform that works a lot like Facebook and Twitter. Controlled by algorithms the feed works like a stream. You don’t see every photo anymore from the people you follow. The amount of followers that will see your posts will only get smaller over time. This makes it tough if you are trying to figure out how to use Instagram for real estate agents.
Instagram still has a decent hashtag system. The algorithm controls most things but people can still find you through hashtags. Remember to always use hashtags and use 30 on every post. You should not use more than 30 or Instagram will treat your post as if it has no hashtags. Here is a good starting list of hashtags. Switch out the ones that don’t work for you and plug in more local ones. 

#RealEstate #Realtor #Realty #Broker #ForSale #NewHome #HouseHunting #MillionDollarListing #HomeSale #HomesForSale #Property #Properties #Investment #Home #Housing #Listing #Mortgage #HomeInspection #Firstimehomebuyer #CreditScore #Foreclosure #Openhouse #EmptyNest #Renovate #JustListed

There are some cool Instagram features you can use like stories and IGTV. In the grand scheme of things all the cool features on instagram distract you from the bottom line. Which is there’s no way to find leads.

How to Find Leads on Instagram

Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no way to find leads on Instagram. If you spent hours a day on Instagram I’m sure you could find a lead or two. But I know it would not be sustainable and there would be no way to duplicate it. 
Think about it for a second. How are you going to find the prospect that is thinking about buying or selling? Are they on Instagram putting it out to the world that they are looking for a real estate agent? Most of the time they are not. Instagram is not the kind of platform that would make users act that way.
The average Instagram user is using it as a place to have fun and post photos of what they are doing. They are not searching for real estate.

How to Post Real Estate Captions on Instagram

Even though it is near impossible to find leads on Instagram I do recommend that agents it. When a potential client finds you they will research you and check out all your social accounts. Don’t give a bad impression by having bad social media accounts.

Here is a practical way of how to use Instagram for real estate agents. You want to have three different styles of posts. The Instagram feed is split into three rows. Having three different styles of posts works great.

  1. Houses. I would suggest using the first third to showcase houses and properties. Don’t crowd the photos by trying to post multiple pictures on one post like a collage. There is only so much room on a phone. If you have to squint or use a magnifying glass to see 20 photos on one little square, you missed the point. There is a multiple photo option. Use that instead.
  2. Personality. Show your personality. Do it with a professional twist. Behind the scene photos and videos of the team having fun. Photos of you getting coffee or of your pet etc. Whatever you have in common with your clients feel free to show it. Just be professional. No photos and videos of you wasted singing karaoke at happy hour.
  3. Reviews, Quotes. Use the last third of your posts for texts. Post reviews and quotes. Or stats and reports on the market. These three post styles are a few suggestions. You can make them whatever you would like. These three styles seem to work great for any kind of account.

Check out my account to see the way I split my feed into thirds.

How often should I Post on Instagram

Since we decided that we aren’t going to waste our time trying to capture the rare lead. You don’t need to spend hours on the platform. I like to try and post four times a day. If you feel that is too much for you try just once a day. Post one post each morning. If you want to show a house record a longer video and put it on IGTV or in stories. Don’t stress over using Instagram, the top agents on Instagram use it as a branding tool. They are not there to collect huge amounts of leads.

What About Using Instagram Ads for Real Estate

This goes back to my point about trying to find the people who are getting ready to buy or sell a house? How do you do it? Unless they are posting things like: “I’m looking to buy a house and I need a realtor. Any suggestions?” you will never find them. I’ve seen so much money wasted on Instagram ads. I see ads all the time for agents across the country from me. I know they are targeting me only because I’m interested in real estate. 
I’ve contact a few and asked them who is running their ads for them. I want to let them know to stop wasting money. Target better possible clients. Instagram is not a platform built around search like Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. That makes it hard to target the right people with ads.

How to Find Leads Online for Real Estate Agents

This leads me to my main point. If you can’t use Instagram to get consistent leads then how do you, as a real estate agent, find leads online? This is the easiest and most simple answer. I am having a hard time getting agents to grasp the importance and power of this strategy. It is all about CONTENT! Yes that blog you have been putting off forever. That is the most effective way to find leads online. Let me show you why.

You want to capture a prospect at the very beginning of their home buying process. Before they ever think to call a real estate agent.

Put yourself in a buyer or sellers shoes. What would you do if you thought about buying or selling a house? Search for the answer to your questions on Google. What would people who were first starting the process ask? What about questions like:

  • What does my credit score need to be to buy a house.
  • First time home buyer mortgages.
  • What do I need to do to sell my house?
  • Do I need a down payment to buy a house.

Those are a few of the many questions. With research we can see the exact questions people are search for. If you had a blog that targeted all these questions imagine the possibilities. If you had a post titled: “Ten things you need to do to sell your house”. When someone searched “What do I need to do to sell my house” and your post shows up first on Google. I don’t know how to explain to you how powerful that is.


How to use Instagram for real estate agents. Yes you need to use Instagram. No you don’t need to worry about using it to get leads. The amount of time you waste will be astronomical. What should you do instead? Start writing content that people are actually searching for. If you need help with this or don’t know where to start send me a message. I would love to get you on the right track.

I'll trade you an email for a sample content calander!

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