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Real Estate Marketing Podcast - Macpherson Marketing

Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

I started this podcast to help real estate agents with their marketing. I work with many agents. They hire me to run their marketing for them. Each one has a different system and plan. I wanted to talk about all the real estate marketing ideas and all the different techniques I use. 

I see real estate agents struggle with marketing all the time. Many agents are trying to DIY and some of it is cringe worthy. I wanted this podcast to be a place where real estate agents can pick up ideas and implement them. If they are doing DIY marketing and like learning new things, maybe I can be a good resource for them.

Each week I talk about another step in the marketing process, or an idea, or great tools to use. Just tips and things that will help out a beginner agent. I hope this is a beginners guide to real estate marketing.

I do know if you put these techniques into practice you will see results. Every technique I talk about is one that I am using to get results for agents. 

Let me know if you like this podcast and have learned anything. Please leave us a review anywhere you listen. Thanks!

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