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3 Tips for running real estate ads – Podcast E 7

Once You have your blog established and are writing consistent blog posts targeting your area a good idea is to start running ads. In this podcast and blog post we will explain the best tips to running real estate ads. Instead of wasting money on Zillow and all the other sites like that you can run your own ads a collect much higher quality of leads. Let’s look at our options. tip for running Real Estate Ads There are many different areas online you can run ads. I’m sure you’ve heard of the most popular ones. Facebook, Google, Zillow, Realtor… The list goes on and on. We choose Google Ads over the rest. It is very hard to collect quality leads using Facebook. It is possible but for the amount of effort and money it’s not the best option. After much experimenting we have the best results using Google Ads. Here is why we recommend them.

3 Tips for Running Real Estate Ads

Google Ads

Our first tip is to run ads on Google. If you have been paying attention thus far you know we love Google. The reason we tell you to use Google is because thats where people go to search. Your leads are actively searching on Google. People use Google specifically for one reason, to search. With a Google ad you will be right in front of them when it matters most. Sixty percent of people searching on Google will click on an ad. That is a great stat if you are running ads. We have run ads on google and seen good results. If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on ads that is fine. You can start with a small amount like $100 a month. We recommend starting with a small amount so you can test and see what works.

Target Every Real Estate Broker

This is a very cool thing you can do. Google Ads will ask you for all the keywords you would like to target. they will suggest a list as well. When you are adding your keywords make sure you add all your competitors names. If there is a very popular agent in your town, you can piggy back on their popularity by running ads against their name. You can add all the popular brokers like “Keller Williams Ocean City NJ”. So if anyone searches for “Keller Williams Ocean City NJ” your ad will show up first. Unless the brokers have a big ad budget and are smart they won’t be running ads covering their own broker. Trust me I’ve seen this a lot, it is a great technique because the ads are so cheap since there is no one else spending money for that search. You would be surprised at how many people search for a broker in their town if they don’t already have an real estate agent. Or if they are moving to a new town from out of state or out of area they will search that town and a broker they know. If they have no contacts in the town they are moving to they will search a broker and that town. A well placed ad will collect that perfect lead.

Test Ads

Don’t just run one ad and call it a day. The real estate ads you write might not be the best option. Write and run at least 3 different real estate ads in the same campaign. You can see which ads are performing the best. Once you see a good performing ad, stop your other two and create different versions of the ad that is performing well. You should always have 3 ads running and be constantly tweaking them. Keep them running for a week before changing anything. That will give you a good amount of data to see. One ad might do great on the weekends and not very good during the week. If you had stopped that ad at the beginning of the week you would have never know it did well on the week end.

Writing Ad Copy

Here are few ideas for you when you are writing your ads. Use happy and bright sounding words and stay away from the dark negative words. The most persuasive words are:
  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New
The most influential words according to David Ogilvy are:
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry
  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Improvement
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
You see just by reading these words they convey a message of action. Stick to using words like this in your ads.

Disclaimer for Running Real Estate Ads

Before you start running ads check with your attorney. There are strict rules for real estate agents and what they can and cannot say. Talk to a lawyer before running any ad to make sure you are following the law. If you have any questions about running real estate ads on Google (or anywhere else) shoot us a message. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.  

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