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Real Estate Marketing Course – Learn how to market real estate online

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This is exciting! Imagine what you could do with 20+ leads a month? How would that help you boost your bottom line. With my specific real estate marketing course we walk through all the steps you need to do to make it happen. I am 100 percent available to you and will walk with you every step of the way. I want to be the best real estate marketing coach you will ever use. Let’s look at what this course will include!

Real Estate Marketing CourseBest Real Estate Marketing Coach – 5 Week Course

I give you small bite size actionable steps to do every week. Each lesson will give you homework and each actionable step will give you a tangible result. You will be effective with marketing after taking my real estate marketing course. You will see legitimate high quality leads. It will all depend on you and the effort you put in.

Keyword Research – Blog Set Up

Week one we will teach you the concepts we are using. We will help you put a marketing plan in place and teach you how to research keywords. You will know which tools to use and how to research keywords. We will also walk you through the process of setting up a blog. You will have homework to complete for the week. We will give you the right tools and techniques you will need to succeed.
A good content marketing campaign does not appear out of the blue. It takes planning and a good foundation from the beginning. As your real estate marketing coach I want to make sure you get this right. I NEED you to succeed. If you don’t succeed I don’t succeed.
Week two we will put our plan into motion. We teach you how to set up your platform and start creating effective content. This is where it starts getting exciting. You will see everything come together and start taking shape.
Your homework will be to start creating content based off your plan. Depending on the type of content marketing you decide to do will depend on your personality. We do suggest you get creative. The more you flex your creativity the more effective you will be.


Learn Proper SEO

We will refine your content and teach you how to correctly apply best SEO practices. What good will your information be if your target audience never sees it. During week 3 we will teach you have to use the best SEO techniques when you are creating and posting your content.
Remember I will be available to you at any time to answer any questions. I don’t teach you the information and then leave you to flounder on your own. At any time you have a question or need help I will be available.



Once you have consistent content you need to learn how to promote it. There are specific techniques you can use to gain traction much faster. We will teach you what you need to do with every single piece of content.
Promotion will give you faster results and help with your natural seo. We will go over how to run ads on social media to get the best results. The best part about this real estate marketing course is that you will be gaining knowledge.


Check up

After my real estate marketing course you will be on your own. At the 6 month mark I will check in and make sure everything is going in the right direction. I will have a consulting session to make sure everything is good.
We will look at your numbers and do a total evaluation of your content and process. 6 months is a critical time for a content marketing strategy. This is where you want to give up and where the next big jump happens if you stay the course. We have a real estate marketing coaching session with you to keep you on course.


Why Content Marketing is the Best Real Estate Marketing

Seth Godin said it best when he said “Content marketing is the only marketing left”. The reason is that people have become numb to ads and marketing. The average person see about 5,000 ads per day. It makes sense we’ve become leery of ads and marketing. It also doesn’t help that most marketing is bad. How many of you have seen your friends and family on facebook pushing the latest MLM. With the barrier to entry lowered for buying ads it has created a plethora of low quality ads. Any small business on Facebook and someone with a dollar can now buy an ad.
Content marketing separates you from the mess of bad advertising and marketing. Having great content builds trust with your target market. You have the information they are looking for at the exact moment they are searching for it. According to Dragon Search Marketing, “61% of consumers are influenced by custom content”. When a person who is looking to buy or sell a house searches online you need to be the one there to give them the answer.


Content Marketing is the most effective and cheapest form of marketing.

That’s amazing. Can you spend an hour a day on your content marketing? You do it already but you don’t organize it into consumable portions for the internet. How many client questions and phone calls have you answered? How many stupid questions do you reply to every day? You already have the answers and knowledge. Now you need to put it out there where your clients can find it.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. It generates about 3 times as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)

What can I expect from your real estate agent course

It all depends on your attitude and work ethic. Are you going to jump in and immerse yourself in marketing? As a real estate agent this should be your number 1 priority. If you don’t market yourself then you will never get the chance to sell. 
Imagine when you become an expert at marketing. How awesome would that be to be the top real estate agent in your area? 
I won’t lie. Content marketing is a grind. It’s a habit you need to do. Some days it’s not inspiring or glamorous. But once you start seeing how effective it can be it becomes addicting. It’s the snowball effect mixed with the catch 22. You start off creating content with little result. But you keep at it and keep rolling your snowball making it bigger and bigger. As you start seeing small results it motivates you to keep making the snowball bigger and bigger. You get to the point where the snowball is rolling down hill. It’s giving you big results and you only have to maintain it. 
That’s one of the many great things about content marketing. You do all the hard work up front and reap the bigger rewards later on. Every lesson you’ve ever learned in life applies to content marketing. Looking for a quick and easy system that will send you hundreds of magical leads overnight? Then this is not for you. And I don’t want to set that as an expectation. 

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