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Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When you aren’t familiar with marketing and you are new out of real estate school it might be hard to think up real estate marketing ideas. There are quick and easy marketing techniques and long term brand building marketing. Today I want to talk about a great long term brand building idea. I’ve seen this work and have seen great results. Some of these long term marketing ideas can take a while to develop so there’s usually no competition since most people don’t want to start them. We are going to look at starting a community blog and podcast and just go down the brainstorming rabbit hole.

Real Estate Marketing IdeasWhat Are Good Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Creating a local blog and podcast can be an amazing way to build long term credibility. I’ve built a community blog before but it became too much for me to keep it going with all my other clients sites. By creating a community blog you are creating a type of authority. There are a lot of amazing little ways this type of blog can benefit you as a real estate agent. First let me explain what a community blog is and how I would set it up if I was a real estate agent using it for marketing.

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Community Blog

I would set up the different categories on my blog. We would have:

  • Local Businesses
  • Fun News
  • Events
  • People
  • Real Estate

You could add a few other categories depending on your location and the things that are unique to your area. I live in a coastal tourist area so I would add categories like Fishing Reports and partner with a local bait shop.

I hope you can see all the opportunity already from this marketing idea.

You create an amazing local resource and guess who sponsors the whole thing? You do. You are all over the blog as the local area real estate agent.

Writing a Local Blog

I know you don’t want to spend all your time writing blog posts every week. Unless you like writing and it’s a hobby of yours. Here’s a great idea to get around doing it yourself. Find a few writers in your community that would do it for you. Believe me it works. People love to be involved in projects like this. Especially if it’s a local community thing.

Trade business owners writing for free advertising and featured posts. Maybe there’s a local wedding planner who loves to write blog posts. If you have a local college ask the english department if they have any students who would like to intern and write posts. Maybe they will get credit for it as a student. Or a marketing class at the college.

Post about looking for writers on Facebook in local groups. I know if you do this you could find 5-10 writers to start writing for you. I’ve done it before.

Scheduling Posts and Marketing Ideas

Plan out your schedule for your local blog.

If you have an issue with this check out my post explaining exactly how to create a post schedule.

Now as you plan out your schedule I would break your calendar down into quarters. It’s easier to work on a small scale then just multiply it by 4 and your year will be planned.

You are marketing your real estate so I would not add that into the normal schedule. That would be a post you provide every week or at least once a month. Every other category assign to a week of the month.

  1. A local business
  2. Interesting person
  3. Community event
  4. Fun news or other type of story.

Multiply that by 4 then by 4 again and you have your schedule for the year. Imagine the exposure when you ask to interview the important people all over your town. Your asking on behalf of your local community blog NOT as a real estate agent. Local people will be much more receptive to a community resource than just a real estate agent. Then you can explain who you are and network with them.

How to Use a Local Blog To Market Real Estate

This is the whole reason why you’ve read this far. You want to know how these real estate marketing ideas actually work.

If you are a new agent I would tell other agents they can promote their best listings on the blog. I would do it for free, if you want to charge that’s fine. I personally wouldn’t. You might be asking why would I do marketing for other real estate agents?

There a few good reasons I would do this.

  • It promotes good will in the community. You are making yourself known as the real estate agent in your area who is willing to work with others. If you believe in karma or do unto others, this is practicing that belief.
  • Your blog is already branded for you. When people are on your local community blog they know it is sponsored by their favorite local real estate agent (you). When you have someone else’s listing featured on your site, what are the chances that whoever sees it will call you to go look at that house?
  • If you are a new agent you may not have a long list of houses you are listing. Even if you are an established agent you might only have a few listings. You want to promote the best listings on your community blog. Keep the lower end listings off the blog. Keep your community in the best possible light.

Using a Podcast for Real Estate Marketing

This is an interesting concept. I’ve seen a few people do this VERY successfully. With advancing technology it is easier and easier to create a podcast. You can use the Anchor.fm and create a podcast now right on your phone. You can even have more than one person on your podcast using the app.

What if you recorded an interview in your community once a month with an important person? They would be featured on the blog as well. Those who are doing this exact thing are having AMAZING results.

Being on a podcast is like being on the radio or TV. The person being interviewed feels special and shares it with their whole network. So you would have a few thousand people in your town listing to your community podcast sponsored by the local real estate agent everyone knows.

Marketing Your Local Podcast and Blog

Jump forward in time. You have your blog and podcast up and running. Now you have to make sure people are seeing it. Create Social accounts for your local blog. Every time you share a post and podcast share it to your social accounts then go into all the local groups and share it there. If you interview a local business or interesting person make sure you ask them to share it on all their pages as well.

You can even make that a requirement of being featured, That they have to share the post everywhere.

A good tip would be to pick local business that already have a good social presence and following. Start with those businesses.

Make sure the seo on your blog is correct. You can read exactly how to do that on my post here.

Opportunities a Local Blog Creates

Right now you might only be thinking about real estate marketing ideas. But what about all the other opportunities your local blog will open up. You could sell advertising space, featured posts, invitations to interesting events, affiliate links and income. There are many different ways to monetize a local blog and podcast.

Something to keep in mind as your blog starts growing.


If this sounds like too much work and horrible real estate marketing ideas, then please do not try it. You will just not follow through and it will be a drag. If you feel that way you will not get results.

If this sounds exciting and fun then I would tell you to do it! This project is a great way to get out into your local community in all areas. You would have contact with tons of local businesses. All the amazing people you could meet would make this worth it. Your network would grow immensely.

If you need any help starting something like this and would like some pointers send me a message. I would love to talk to you and get you going in the right direction. I’m here to help.

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