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Real Estate Marketing Plan – Podcast E 9

There are a few scenarios we’ve come across in dealing with real estate agents and marketing. The first one is the new real estate agent fresh out of real estate school ready to hit the ground running. The second is the agent who has been around for a few years. They’ve tried different marketing techniques but not with much success. We see these two scenarios over and over. Today we are going to go over what it takes to create and follow through with a great real estate marketing plan.
As you read this keep in mind that we are a digital marketing company. All our marketing tactics and strategies are through the lense of the digital world. You won’t see us mention mailers and billboards etc. even though they can be effective. We focus on the digital aspect of marketing.

Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

Let’s assume you are reading this because you know you need to market yourself. Right now  no one knows who you are and you need to get in front of potential clients. You have a small group of family and friends and a client here and there that knows you. But no one is beating down your door to sell or buy a house.

Real Estate Buyer Personas

First thing first. Who is your perfect client? before we go any further you need to know or have an idea who you serve the best. Don’t say everyone. Everyone is not your perfect client. Narrow it down and figure it out. Is your perfect client a first time home buyer? Or the single college graduate first time home buyer. The empty nesters looking to sell their home and downsize, that could be who you serve the best.
Take some time to dig down and hash this out. This will help you as you create your real estate marketing plan. You will have a better strategy as you create content, posts, and ads. You wouldn’t run the same ads ad use the same text for a potential client in their 20s as someone in their 60s.
How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan
The more detailed you can make this the better. Create a fictional character, give them a name. Create one or two fictional perfect clients. Visualize them and write it down. Create a whole persona. I know this sounds weird. Like I’m crossing into the “visualize a million bucks this year and you will make it” scammy feel. But this is a legit marketing tactic. Search “buyer personas” on Google if you want to learn more.
If you made it past creating your personas, it’s time to jump into creating your marketing plan.

Create a Central Hub for Marketing Content

You need to have a central site online you can base your real estate marketing out of. A place you own. A facebook page does not count. No social platforms count. The free page your broker gives you does not count either. You need your own site/blog. No one should be able to take it away, that’s why you need to own your own.
It is not expensive, you could own your own site and domain for about $100 a year. A company we use is Siteground. There are a few hosting companies you should stay away from. Do some research on your own.
Imagine you have spent a couple of years and have built up your Facebook page. You pay for ads and have good success with posts and content. But tomorrow Facebook decides that they want to ban all real estate agents. You are no longer allowed to promote on Facebook anymore. You now lost years of building a following and profile only to lose it all.
Or you do great on marketing on Snapchat. You have it dialed in and get some quality results. But Snapchats stock is not doing to well. Twitter comes along and buys out Snapchat. They merge Snapchats best features and geo targeting capabilities. Then Twitter close it down like they did with vine. Again, you lost it all.
This is two possible scenarios of why you NEED to own your own space. You’ve heard the saying, “The only constant is change”.

Create Content

What does your target audience want to know? This is the content you need to create. Now that you have your own site, hopefully blog, you have a place to keep your content. Blogs are actually easier to to set up and more effective. Once you have your main content you can disseminate it and spread it from there.

Now let’s figure out where your target market lives online. If they are younger they are on Instagram, sometimes Snapchat and Twitter too. Middle age to seniors like to use Facebook. If you target businesses and are mostly going for B2B clients then Linkedin is great. Everyone loves Youtube and Pinterest. Each platform has its unique uses. You need to think of them as marketing platforms and not another annoying social media you have to learn.

We suggest only picking one or two of the best options so you can focus your energy and be more effective.

Create a Real Estate Content Schedule

You should post at least one main post a week, that is the bare minimum. then you can create your social posts based off your main blog post.

An example of this is Matt Havilands Blog.

Creating content becomes much easier when you have it all scheduled out. When you know ahead of time what you are going to be doing it’s much less stressful and more effective. One reason why creating a real estate marketing plan is so important.

Real Estate Marketing Content Ideas

When you are planning out your content, don’t only think of blog posts. Get creative. Can you do video? Audio? There are so many different types of media you can take advantage of.

As you put your marketing plan together think of all the different media forms you can use and combine.

  • You could do video walkthroughs of houses for sale. Don’t get caught up in making your production perfect. Sometime perfection kills the feel of a video. People need to see and know the real you. After all, the product you’re selling is yourself.
  • Video Interviews with Past Clients
  • Write blogs on current market conditions in your town.
  • Write a free downloadable guide targeting your perfect client. (Free if they give you their contact info)

There are so many great ideas you can do. This small list doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Real Estate Marketing Budget

There is some weird thinking when it comes to real estate agents and their marketing budget. Most don’t know how much they need to be spending. It makes sense, most real estate agents don’t have backgrounds in business. If you want to look at some interesting data, do some research on the demographics of agents. only %percent of agents start their careers as an agent. The other %94 are transplants from different industries. Crazy.
What should you spend on your marketing budget? You need to look at yourself as a business. A good rule of thumb is to spend %5 of what you gross a year. If you make 50k a year spend 2500. That seems doable. If you went up to %10 and spent 5k a year that’s 400 a month. Can you take that out of a commission check and set it aside for marketing? It’s up to you.
If you have any questions or need help coming up with a real estate marketing plan let me know. Shoot me a message and I would be glad to help you! Even if you have a quick question.

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