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Real Estate Marketing Tools to Attract Leads

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Marketing seems to be the bane of many new real estate agents. New agents fresh out of real estate school don’t have a full grasp on marketing. They don’t know how much marketing they will actually have to do. Marketing is the life blood of a successful business. If no one knows about you or hears about you then how will you get sales? Marketing in today’s world has evolved to include the whole sales process. From the time the client ever sees you to the final close. You should be marketing! I’m going to give you the best real estate marketing tools to attract leads. You should be inspired with great ideas on how to market yourself.

Real Estate Marketing tools to attract leads

Real Estate Marketing Tools to Attract Leads

Here is a list of marketing tools. How you use these tools is up to you. Creativity in marketing is key. Let’s create a list of the tools you can use for real estate marketing.

  1. Google ads
  2. Facebook ads
  3. Zillow Ads
  4. Realtor.com ads
  5. Personal website
  6. Blog
  7. Social media accounts
  8. Networking groups like BNI
  9. Community events
  10. Geofencing
  11. Flyers
  12. Email lists
  13. Youtube Channel
  14. Podcasting
There are many MANY ways to market yourself. You have to figure out your target client. Then you can narrow down which tools will be the best for you to use. It’s impossible to use every marketing tool. There isn’t enough time in the day to keep them all running. Using a few of these marketing tools I guarantee you will see results. Some marketing tools will work faster than others. Some will give you higher quality of leads than others.

Definition of marketing

Seth Godin commented about hiring a chief marketing officer:
I love that. There are no marketing tools you can use that magically work. You need to use the tools that convey your message and convey who you are as a real estate agent.
You have to test them and find which tools work best for you. When you test them you will know how to attract high end real estate clients


What is real estate marketing?

Marketing at its core is finding ways to get yourself in front of people who could use your service. As a real estate agent this can be a hard task right? I mean, you can’t set up a store in the mall and every time someone needs to buy or sell a house they know they have to go to one specific store in the mall. Real estate agents are a dime a dozen and you also have a new batch of agents coming out of real estate school every month. How do you differentiate yourself from every other agent.
One way I like to look at real estate marketing is the abundance mindset. There is more than enough business to go around. The ones who are in an abundance mindset are the ones who attract the most business.
Sounds crazy I know. I’m not into the speak your goals into the universe. Share a positive post on facebook and in 10 days you have all the real estate leads you can imagine.


Where to market for high end clients

Let me explain what I mean. You don’t have to be the biggest, craziest, marketing juggernaut. I bet there’s one or two of those already in your town. The agent with his face EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you turn there’s a billboard with their face or team.
I know that these agents aren’t doing everything on the marketing tools list above. This leaves a huge gap that you can fill in. Keep this in mind. You don’t have to attract every single possible lead that is available right now. You only have to connect with the ones that are perfect for you.
New leads are being created every day. There is not a static amount of leads. This is why the abundance mindset is so important. There is a constant flow of leads. When you master one or two of the marketing tools you will do great.


How do I market myself as a real estate agent?

Let’s see if we can come up with a practical way to market yourself to get some quick leads.

Most marketing that will give you quick results you will have to spend money. Every form of marketing will cost you something. Either time or money, and usually both. These marketing techniques you can use won’t break the bank. Once you have them dialed in and adjusted you can scale them up and spend more increasing your ROI.

Real estate marketing ideas

Run a campaign on google adwords. 

If you can spend $200 for a month of ads you could see some results. Find some Youtube videos on how to set up Google ads. Tweak and adjust it over the month.

Create a landing page the ads will go to. Make a youtube welcome video and put it on the landing page with your contact info. Run it for a month and see what happens.

You can target people who are visiting certain sites and who are in a certain age group. Any one visiting zillow who is age 20-35 will see your ad. Not bad.

You can take this same technique and run ads on Facebook too. Try both platforms and see what works best. Successful marketing is all about testing.

How to improve my real estate marketing?

If you want to improve your real estate marketing it’s all on you. You have to decide to do it. Usually when a real estate agent asks this question it means “I don’t have the time and I don’t want to put in the effort. What can you do for me?”.
If you want to improve your marking you have to put a marketing plan in place and follow it. No excuses. Most of you know where you need to improve. Do it. Go find a marketing mentor or a consultant who will know right away where you are lacking. Then do what they say
There’s no secret to marketing. There seems so be some weird mystique to the word “marketing”. You have to buckle down and do it. Anything to get yourself in front of potential clients is good marketing.
This blogpost for me is marketing. If you’re reading this you are my target market. See how that works. 🙂

How to get high end real estate listings fast?

The last point I’ll touch on. Everyone wants to know how to get real estate listings fast. This is not the best thing to be asking. On the surface the question itself shows a kind of shallow mindset. We all want leads fast and yes it is possible. You have to hustle like your life depends on it and if you have a decent amount of money to spend will help.
Most new real estate agents don’t have a huge marketing budget. Most seasoned agents don’t have a great marketing budget either.
The more you can spend on ads the quicker you can get real estate listings. Every ad you can buy you should try. I do not recommend this but if you want fast leads…
  • Buy radio spots
  • Zillow ads
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Billboards
  • Local TV

But this is not realistic for every real estate agents. So the best way would be to build slow. Find what works and build it up. Don’t go into real estate marketing with the idea of wanting all the leads fast.


Find the techniques that send you the highest quality leads for the best price. If you need ideas on marketing high end real estate send me a message. I would love to talk to you.

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