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South Jersey HVAC Company Spotlight

We have the opportunity to work with many new businesses in South Jersey. One recent project we’ve been working on is the website design and small business marketing for GS Mechanical. They are a HVAC company in Atlantic County NJ. Although they’ve been in business for a while and are awesome at what they do they never had a website. George wanted to step up their marketing and web presence in the local Atlantic County area. We came up with a great marketing plan and have been implementing it over the last month. We want to show you what we are doing and how we work with local businesses to help their small business marketing in south Jersey.

Websites for contractors in South Jersey

Once we knew we were starting from scratch a marketing plan and strategy was easy to create. We worked out a budget and figured out where we needed to focus.

Website Design

We needed a website ASAP. The faster we could get a basic site up the better. The way we work isĀ  we put together the most basic and professional looking website we can. We have it up in 1-2 days. This has a few benefits. The longer your website is online the more Google will trust you. Length of time a website has been live factors into your ranking.

Websites for contractors in South JerseyMost web design companies take weeks and months hashing out details and designing a website. Revision after revision happens till you are completely satisfied and then they finally launch it and make it go live. This can take months between all the revisions and requests. Working this way is not beneficial to your SEO success.

We launched the GS Mechanical site right away. We have been adjusting it and adding information over the last month since it has been live. Google loves to see adjustments and updates to sites. It proves to them you care and are actively working to make it better.

Social Proof

While we were working on the site we needed to get the socal accounts right. Because we aren’t actively controlling the social accounts we didn’t go crazy with them. They are only used for SEO purposes. Sometimes they will post things on Facebook but we need it just to have some social proof.

We connected the Facebook business page to the website and pointed the web address back to the site. We encouraged them to ask for reviews on Facebook which they are very good at doing.

Google Local

Next we made sure they set up their Google Local. The Google my business local listing is VERY important is you have a local small business. Aside from a website I would say a Google local is the next important thing to have.

Once the google local is live we can embed it on the website. Reviews on Google local are also very important. Every little thing helps your SEO. Google takes so much into account when ranking businesses against each other. It’s important to hit as many best practices as you can.

Local SEO

This is where we really had to work hard. We wanted to get results right away for George. Starting a new site from scratch ment we had a lot of things going against us. Especially in the HVAC market. There are more established HVAC companies in south Jersey that have a lot of content on their websites and spend a lot of money on ads. It was going to be tough to get results quickly. We were up to the challenge though.

We were able to target some keywords the bigger guys weren’t targeting. This will also help us in the long run. Because we are targeting some fringe keywords now we will cover those areas for the future and not have to worry about another business coming in and competing. It will also help when we do go after the bigger terms. Google will see that we rank well on a lot of lower keywords and that we have proven we can do well. It will give is more clout going for bigger phrases.

The good thing about competing against other local businesses is that they either do their web design and SEO themselves or they have enough money to pay a bigger agency. This works in our favor because we target the business in between those two.

Digital Agencies

The reason this works out is because there is a huge area for us to target with SEO. The smaller business with DIY marketing don’t know how to really dig in and find the best avenues to market. If they do somehow find the right places they need to be, their skill set is so limited that they just aren’t effective.

On the other side of the coin you have the bigger agencies. They have so many clients that they will assign employees and interns to the smaller accounts. They have their systems and checklists and they will be effective. There’s a reason they have a big agency, they know what they are doing. I’m not knocking them at all. But because they are bigger and have to assign employees and interns to accounts there is a slight loss of quality. It is just the nature of having a big business.

This lets smaller agencies like ours pick off the areas the big guys aren’t hitting. An intern or employee isn’t going to go the extra mile to find every little search term and phrase. It’s understandable from a business standpoint. The big companies assign so many hours to each account, from a profit margin perspective it makes perfect sense.

They have their systems that work inplace and they plug new businesses into the system and will get results. But to get the extra attention you have to be one of the bigger clients that they have. If they have a few hundred clients you might not get the extra attention unless you are one of the bigger accounts.

Digital Marketing

To get results quickly while we were building the natural SEO we started running some Google ads. We are able to target some areas the other companies were not targeting. Even with a smaller budget Google ads can be effective.

GS Mechanical has been live for 2 months. The numbers will not blow anyone away but the trend is steadily upward.

Local SEO

We are now on page one for some relevant search terms. Even competing against some big local names we are still finding success.

If you have a local business and are interested in monthly SEO or web design send us a message! We would love to talk to you and see how we can help your business succeed with small business marketing in South Jersey.

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