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The Best Real Estate Agent in South Jersey
best real estate agent in south jersey

Jenna Paisley

We Highly Highly recommend Jenna Paisley. She is hard working, honest, and will go above and beyond with her customer service. The form below will go directly to Jenna! 

The Best Real Estate Agent in South Jersey

It’s early on a beautiful Saturday morning and you are surfing your phone in bed. You’ve been renting for a couple years and have finally saved up enough for a down payment and are ready to start the search for the perfect home. Or maybe you are looking for an amazing summer home/investment property down at the Jersey Shore and are shopping from farther away. Lets be honest though you been on every real estate site and checking out houses for sale the whole time you have been renting. Just waiting for the day that it will finally be your turn. 

This day is different though, this is for real. When you find a house you like you can actually go check it out. Or can you? You might not know that real estate agents don’t really show home buyers houses unless they are pre-approved. So you need an agent. But which agent. There are so many, and which one is really the best real estate agent in South Jersey? 

Lets look at what you need to be looking for in a great South Jersey real estate agent. 

South Jersey Real Estate Agent


Now this can be a gray area. Especially if the Agent is at a great reputable brokerage. Many brokerage offices work side by side with new agents to help them out. The brokerages don’t want to have bad agents in their office so they really look out for newer agents. This should not be a deal breaker for finding the perfect real estate agent. 

Local Knowledge

A great South Jersey Real Estate Agent will know all about the local area. Its helps if they have grown up or lived a long time in South Jersey. This helps a ton when deciding on a home. They can tell you all the local schools, what stores are close, and other little invaluable tidbits. South Jersey is an extremely unique area with many different housing options. Make sure you find a local agent.

Honesty and Great Work Ethic

This is pretty much common sense but we have to mention it. When you are going through one of the most important times in your life in buying a house you need to have 100 percent trust in your agent. They also need to be a go getter and take their work seriously. Choosing a real estate agent is much like dating. All the same qualities apply. You NEED them to be honest and reliable. I can’t stress this enough. 

Trust your gut when choosing your real estate agent. You will be working with this person for a few months. They need to be someone you like and trust. 

One South Jersey real estate agent we use and recommend is Jenna with Long and Foster. Time after time we hear amazing reports from the people we send her way. Don’t choose your real estate agent without talking to her first. 

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