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The Best SEO Companies in NJ – Are they Really Worth it?

The Best SEO Companies in NJSEO. You’ve heard people talk about it. It gets thrown around all the time. But what is SEO really? Is there a real difference in SEO agencies? Don’t they all basically do the same thing and charge a small fortune for it? We are going to clarify what the best SEO companies in NJ do. When you are looking to hire a digital marketing agency this post should help you. The more you know the more informed you can be when looking for a SEO company.

The Best SEO Companies in NJ, What We Actually Do

There seems to be confusion on what SEO is and what SEO companies do. First, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is adjusting your site using best practices for what the search engines want, namely Google. The best SEO companies in NJ should have one goal, to make you money. If your site is optimized and is ranking for correct search terms and keywords you will be converting website visitors into clients.

SEO companies work on your website, constantly adjusting to make it rank higher and higher. They also keep track through reporting and data to see what is working and what areas need help. These are the main areas a good SEO agency will focus on. We are giving a brief overview of what a SEO company does. There are many more little details but today we are covering the main ones.

Create a Keyword Plan

The first step a SEO company should do is research and analyze your current situation. You might need a new website that has better SEO capabilities. Not all website are created equal in regards to SEO. A good SEO agency will also do keyword research for you and show you the best plan of attack.

Every situation and business is different and will require a customized plan. There are so many variables to look at, keyword competitiveness, how well your website is already ranking, what industry you are in. The best SEO companies can analyze all the different options and explain them to you in a way you can understand. One size does not fit all.

Optimize Website

The one thing most SEO companies can do is optimize a website. The best companies know that there’s more to SEO than optimizing a site one time. This is a common occurrence in the world of SEO. It’s easy to do a one time optimization. The best companies discourage this practice.

A good analogy would be if you were restoring a classic car. If you painted the outside and restored the interior but never touched the engine and anything under the hood. Then you told everyone you restored your car. No one would ever know it wasn’t finished unless they opened the hood and saw that you only did half the job.

Optimizing the website is about a 3rd of the SEO process. If anyone tells you that you just need a quick SEO optimization, they are just trying to make a quick buck. It possibly could give you a slight boost on Google but in the long run it won’t do much good.

Off Site SEO

Off site SEO can be an overlook aspect of SEO. There are many forces out side of your site that can directly affect your ranking. Social media accounts can affect your SEO, business listings like Google local and Yelp, and Backlinks. These things can help or hurt your SEO. A good SEO company will take care of all this for you.

There is a newer thought process in the SEO world that backlinks are becoming less of a factor for good rankings. Through experimenting I’ve found this to be true, the trend is moving away from backlinks. A higher importance is being given to great content.

A good SEO company will take care of all your social accounts and business listings for you. They might not consistently monitor and post for you. That would fall under the umbrella of social media marketing. They will make sure they are optimized for SEO purposes.

Execute SEO Plan

Once the plan is in place a good SEO company will execute it. Content is key in a great SEO plan. There should be a part of the plan that address new and constant content. New content is creating constant useful information.

This will help you hit all the keywords you need to. Usually the best SEO companies handle this for you. As long as you are creating content faster and better than your competition you will out rank them eventually.

Track and Report Progress

The best SEO companies in NJ will report on your SEO progress. This is the only way to see if the plan is working. Good reports and data will show you where you need to adjust and what areas you need to focus on. Here is an example of a very simple overview report.

The best SEO agencies in NJthe best SEO company in NJ

Questionable SEO Practices

There are a few things you need to know. You would never know if this is happening, to be honest with you. Unless you had an honest SEO company look into it. There are practices called black hat SEO and gray hat SEO. You want to stay with white hat SEO. Im sure you can guess what this stands for. White hat SEO is the good techniques, gray hat is questionable techniques, and black hat is flat out banned techniques, sometimes even illegal.

This is why it is so important to find the best SEO companies in NJ. If you are dealing with a dishonest person or agency they could possibly be cutting corners and using black hat SEO techniques. You might never know it till they get caught and banned by Google. If your business relies on how you rank on search you could be doomed.

Here are a list of some of the more serious black hat techniques:

  • Cloaking (showing Google a page about one topic but when visitors click on it it has different content)
  • Gateway pages. (basically fake pages full of stuffed keywords that get ranked and when a visitor lands on it refreshes to another page.)
  • %100 copying another ranking page from a competitor.
  • Link Farms and Buying Backlinks.
  • Domain Squatting (registering domains with copyrighted names in them to use for ill gotten gain)
  • Using PBN’s (private blogging networks)
  • Spam (many different ways to use spam, just don’t do it.)

Those are a few popular black hat techniques. Just don’t do them and you will be fine. The best SEO agencies know what to do and what not to do. The hard part is finding the trustworthy SEO companies.

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