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Tourist Market in Ocean City NJ

If you are a small business owner in Ocean City NJ you already know the cycle that happens every year. You have three months of wall to wall slamming business in the summer. After that Ocean City becomes a ghost town. The only businesses that thrive in the winter are the trades and real estate agents.

Web Design in Ocean City NJ
Digital Marketing Agency in Ocean City NJ

All renovations and new building happens in the winter when no one is around. For all the other businesses that rely onĀ tourism the summer is where the action is. No matter what your business is, a good web design in Ocean City NJ is crucial. Because 80 percent of business comes from outside of Ocean City it is imperative that you have a website that can easily be found when leads search online. You need to have a great web design in Ocean City NJ if you really want to be successful.

We are going to explain the three main foundations of a great digital marketing strategy. If you implement these you will see a noticeable difference in your business. Increasing the bottom line is what this is really all about.

Web Design in Ocean City NJ

It all starts with a great web design. Everything you do online is predicated on your website. It is your digital representation of your business. Make sure it represents you well. If you have a poorly designed and broken site, it will give the impression you don’t care. If you can’t put the effort into having a professional website then you probably don’t put much effort into anything else in your business. These thoughts go through possible clients minds when they find you have a bad website or no website at all.

If you are a restaurant with a bad site, here is what potential clients will think when they see a bad site:

  • Is the restaurant clean?
  • Is the food even fresh?
  • Customer service is probably horrible.

A great website with a professional design and feel will invoke trust with potential clients. Let’s look at what a great web design offers.

Professional Web Design in Ocean City NJ

A good website gives a feeling of professionalism. It shows you care about your clients and their experience. If their web experience is smooth and easy they will associate that with your business. A website is your clients first impression of your business. Make sure its a good one.

91 percent of customers have visited a store because of the experience they had on the web. That is a powerful argument of why you need a beautiful website.

“It is much better to have an SEO company build your website from the ground up. Everything will be correctly built and you will be way ahead of schedule when it comes to seeing results from your website.”

Once you have a website upĀ  you can track clients behavior and how effective your site is running. You can see exactly how many people called you from your website, where your clients and leads are coming from, and how they found you. The data you can use to hone your marketing is priceless.

Website design and SEO

Customers Ignore Businesses Without a Website

This happens inadvertently and sometimes on purpose. Let’s use the example of a mini golf course. You are the proud owner of a mini golf course. Now put yourself in the shoes of the person planning for a big family vacation in Ocean City NJ.

This person isn’t just your average haphazard last minute weekend getaway planner. No. They are a highly organized planner. Maybe the head of a wing at a prestigious hospital in Philadelphia. This person plans and schedules out every aspect of the family vacation.

While doing their research they decide on Thursday night of their vacation, which is Family night in OC NJ, the whole family is going to play mini golf. What do you think they do next?

They go on Google or ask their phone or Alexa, “what’s the Best Mini Golf Courses in Ocean City NJ”.

If you do not have a website site you won’t even be considered, they would never see your business. If you have a bad website thats hard to use and doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds you definetly won’t be considered.

Not having a website or a bad website guarantees you are missing out on business. This is why it is so important to have a professional web design in Ocean City NJ.

Clients Are Looking for Your Website

There’s a misconception that certain businesses don’t need a website. I hear it from business owners that “my clients aren’t online”. This line of thinking is just flat out wrong. Even the most tech adverse grandparents now have smartphones. They are using voice search at an astonishing rate. Your clients are online and they expect a professional and easy to use website.

It is not hard to have a beautiful, one page, simple and professional looking web design.

Here is the traffic report for a restaurant we designed the website for. If they did not have a website they would have missed out on 7,000 possible clients in the first 3 months they were open.Web Design In Ocean City NJ

This leads us into our second phase of marketing your business. Now that you have a great looking web design the next step is to have good SEO. SEO is the practice of designing a site in such a way that it can be found on Google. After all, what good is a website if no one can find it.

SEO Company in Ocean City NJ

It is hard to find a web design company that is great at designing websites AND search engine optimization. If they are great at both it is normal for them to segment each thing into two separate products. At Macpherson Marketing we believe that both web design and SEO are intertwined, our prices include both services.

We don’t bait and switch after we’ve completed your website. Yes this is an issue in the digital world. There are web design and SEO companies that will sell you a web site. After it is complete and you don’t get good results will then try and upsell you on monthly SEO services. It’s a technique you need to be aware of.

Start With an SEO Company

Before you start the process of a new website talk to a few web designers and SEO companies. SEO only works if the website has been correctly built and designed. If you have your nextdoor neighbor build you a website for 100 bucks and then go to an SEO company you will be sorely disappointed.

It is much better to have an SEO company build your website from the ground up. Everything will be correctly built and you will be way ahead of schedule when it comes to seeing results from your website.

What Does an SEO Company Do?

Good question. We believe this is more important than any other aspect of digital marketing and web design. A good SEO company will actively work on your website using best practices to rank it onto the first page of Google. There are so many aspects to SEO that affect a website, we don’t have the time to go over everything here. Google uses over 300 ranking factors for their search engine. SEO companies make sure you meet as many of these factors that they can. Oh, and most of Google’s ranking factors are unknown. Google keeps many of them a secret.

If you would like to know what a SEO company does. I write more on the subject in a previous blog post.

At the end of the day Seo companies are worth their weight in gold. As long as goals and results are honestly laid out from the beginning of the project you will be extremely happy with a good SEO company. SEO is a processes that takes time. Bad SEO companies will not tell you this but a good SEO company will explain the whole process to you and will get results from the beginning.

What Does a SEO Company Cost

Most seo companies charge by the month. SEO is an ongoing project that needs monitoring. Depending on the scope of your project SEO companies pricing structures are all different. For a basic small project it’s not uncommon for pricing to start at $500. The more detailed a project the higher the price, especially for quality SEO.

All big companies know the value of SEO and pay thousands per month for it. It’s not uncommon for a large local business to spend $5,000 and more for SEO.

Depending on your business and industry affects the price. If a good SEO company can bring you an extra 500,000 a year wouldn’t that be worth 5,000 a month to you? The smart businesses know this to be true.

Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Companies are the New Yellow Pages

Remember earlier our example of the mini golf course? What if in that scenario you had your website built by one of your kids highschool friends. They actually did a good job and your website looks pretty good. But they don’t have a clue about SEO. That means you still have nothing. No one will ever see your site.

This is why SEO companies are vital to the success of a business.

Here is a quick list of things that your average web designer will not do that a SEO company will take care of.

  1. Submit your site and site map to Google
  2. Setup your analytics
  3. Enter all the correct metadata on your website
  4. make sure all the alt tags on images are correct
  5. set up a content delivery network to make your site lightning fast
  6. make sure the main business citations across the web are correct
  7. correctly build your site with the proper headings

These are just a few of the many things a SEO company will work on. You can see the importance of having an SEO company involved from the start.

Local Business Citations

These are important to have correct if you have a local business. Basically they are all the places on the internet that your business is listed. They affect your SEO and are important. The main ones are:

  • Google Local
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Yelp

Depending on your industry there are others. If you are in the restaurant industry there are listings specific to you, like Tripadvisor. A lot of times these sites will create business listings for you without you knowing.

They want to be the authority in their field so they don’t want to not be listing a popular business. They will take information from other places online like your website and Facebook page. But when they collect this information they are not always accurate.

You could have multiple business listings across the internet with wrong information. When Google looks across the internet and sees you have conflicting information for your business they will look down on that.

A good SEO agency will find and correct all the errors in your business listings. They should fix and complete all the missing information.

Digital Marketing in Ocean City NJ

Now we can look at the third leg of a complete digital presence for your business. Digital marketing is the overarching term that can include every possible thing you do digitally. We are going to narrow it down though to focus on your business. Not all businesses have to partake in every single form of digital marketing.

If you are a local gas station do you really need to be on Facebook or Instagram? Probably not the best way to spend your marketing dollars. But if you are a local OC photographer a facebook and Instagram account could be really useful.

Digital Marketing Strategy

When we design a digital marketing strategy for a local business we take every aspect into account.

  • Who is the target client?
  • Where are they online?
  • What is their favorite social media platform?
  • What product or service does the business offer?

There are many other things to consider. Once we have all the information we can put a digital marketing plan together. Once we have a plan and we implement it it is time to test and adjust.

If a certain technique is not working we need to adjust and pivot to something new. Digital marketing is all about trial and error. The best digital marketing companies have tried and true techniques they can rely on but the also know that shifting to a new or different technique could be necessary.

This is why you hire experts. They have the experience and know how. Here are some great digital marketing techniques.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not the magic bullet most people think it is. Many digital marketing agencies have sold it to the average business owner that way. Every time something new comes out there is a huge push for businesses to jump aboard. I understand why this happens.

If you are marketing your business you want to be in a less crowded space where there’s not as much competition. And when a new advertising opportunity or product is available it is usually very inexpensive. So social media platforms and marketers push businesses into using new products. This leads to marketers selling the new product as the next big thing.

Social media can be effective but it should be considered as part of the overall plan. It’s one piece of the puzzle. We don’t place as much emphasis on it as we do your website and SEO.


This is an interesting one. It’s technically not a social media platform, even though they keep trying to make it one. It’s half a video media platform and half a search engine.

If you have a small business that targets a local area you could dominate right now on YouTube. How many of your competitors are on YouTube? I would guess none.

Google loves to put YouTube videos in Google search results. If you are the only local business in your industry using YouTube, you would have a list of videos consistently showing up in search results.

People tend to click on a video at a higher rate than regular text results. Videos stick out. If you search “how to use oak chips in home brew” you will see this:Digital marketing agency Ocean City NJ

I can tell you right now most of my traffic to this video comes from search results. (I use my homebrewing hobby to test Youtube marketing.)

Email Marketing

This is often overlooked as a technique that is outdated and does not work. I couldn’t disagree more. We have a great story about using email marketing with one of our clients in Ocean City NJ. We do some work for Gerry Palermo Plumbing and we set up their email list for them. They had a good size list from years of working on the island.

Gerry Palermo Plumbing Website Ocean City NJ
Gerry Palermo Plumbing Website by Macpherson Marketing

We helped them take all the emails and set up a campaign. It was late fall and the weather was getting colder. We walked them through the process of setting up and sending out an email blast. They wanted to remind all their clients that the weather was getting colder and to start thinking about having their water shut off in their rentals.

We hit send on the campaign and we were hanging out in the office talking about general marketing ideas and just having a good time. Well what do you know, about ten minutes later the phone starts to ring. People started calling in to schedule their water turn offs because they had just opened the email. I think they received 6 calls that day from the email we had just sent out.

If you aren’t spammy and act like a normal human being, email marketing DOES work.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are the most effective way to get results now. We pair this with SEO so you don’t see a lapse of incoming clients. Because SEO take time to see results digital ads are relied upon in the beginning. There are many different platforms you can run ads on. Some digital marketing agencies like to use as many as possible. We take the other approach of finding the most effective platform and then using a very targeted approach.

Our favorite platform is Google Ads. You can read why we really like using this platform here.

Facebook ads can be effective depending on your product or service and who you are trying to reach. Facebook ads can be cheaper but the results are also not as effective.

Think about it. The average person using facebook does not want to see ads. They are a nuisance to the facebook experience.

When they do see your ad it has to be so compelling that they want to click on it. This is a tough task.

Using facebook ads is the equivalent of going door to door and asking random strangers if they would like to buy your product. The success rate is low.

People are already actively searching for your service on Google. They are already primed and ready to buy. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your ad money to be there? 60 percent of people searching on Google will click an ad. That’s pretty good odds.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking at hiring a digital marketing agency or just need a new web design in Ocean City NJ. We would love to chat with you and go over some options. Our pricing is very competitive for the work we do.

If you need a boost in your business and know you need to do some digital marketing. Don’t just throw a few dollars into some facebook ads for a month. Then when you don’t get great results try the next hot thing you hear about that you NEED to do.

Give us a call and we can walk you through a complete digital marketing plan that will get real results. We work with local businesses in Ocean City NJ and know the area extremely well. We know what works and what doesn’t.

If you are thinking about expanding your business off the island to new locations we can make sure you are set up correctly for that scenario. Maybe your business just needs a new web design in Ocean City NJ.

Message us today we would love to talk with you and help you reach your business goals!

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