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How to Plan Blog Content for Real Estate Leads – Podcast E 2

Planning your blog content is probably the most important step in your content marketing. Especially if you are new to producing content. When we work with real estate agents we spend the majority of time researching and planning the content. We are going to show you how to create a great blogging schedule that will help you create the content you need to attract your perfect clients.

How to Plan Blog Content for Real Estate Leads

The first thing we need to do is figure out how often you will be blogging. Once a week is an ok average to start with. If you can do more than one a week that would be much better. It depends on how much competition you will be going up against. If there is not a lot competition once a week is just fine. If your in a crowded area you will need to out pace your competition so 2-3 a week would be good. Not many people are posting multiples a week though, that is rare to see.

If you are just starting out just go with once a week. It’s a good place to start and wont overwhelm you. Once we have the blog frequency decided we need to space it out over a year. 52 weeks in a year = 52 blog posts. Easy peasy.

How To Find Keywords for Real Estate Agents

This is where you might be feeling a bit over whelmed and not knowing where to start. How are you supposed to come up with 52 ideas? First we have to figure out exactly what people are searching for. To do this we need a tool. Go to Moz.com and sign up for a free account. Then go to free tools and use the Keyword Explorer. Type in a keyword that describes what you do and then click Keyword Suggestions. If you are a real estate agent you would start with “real estate”. Then sort the results by volume.

Go down the list and pick all the relevant keywords that apply to you. As you go down the list writing down keywords, you will start seeing the monthly volume in the 100s then you can stop and search another keyword. “Mortgage”, “first time homebuyer”, are some other relative searches you can try. You should have a list of 20 or 30 keyword ideas at this point.

So how do we get to 52? You want to write down all the towns and areas you cover. Then you are going to take each keyword and target them for each town. For example the towns around us in Atlantic County are EHT, Somers Point, Linwood, Northfield, Absecon. If we are targeting the phrase “first time home buyers”, We would write about “first time home buyers in Somers Point, NJ” or “3 things you need to do as a first time home buyer in Northfiled, NJ”, “Why EHT, NJ is a perfect town for first time home buyers”. There’s a ton of different combinations and ideas you can use for each keyword.

That is how you fill up 52 weeks with content. If you really sit down and do this exercise you will have left over topics and should be able to fill up 2-3 years not just one. One thing to remember is to not duplicate content. You can’t write one post for one town then just copy and paste it and just change the town name. Each post and keyword phrase has to be different.

Check out my podcast where I explain how to plan blog content for real estate leads.

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