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How to Use Youtube Marketing Your Small Business Marlton NJ

How to Use Youtube Marketing Your Small Business Marlton NJ

Youtube is the most underrated and overlooked platform out there. If you are a small business in Marlton NJ you should be using Youtube to market your business. Imagine all the personality and information you can convey with a short 5-10 minute video. In this post on how to use Youtube marketing small business Marlton NJ we are going to explain how and why you need to be on Youtube.

Why use Youtube for Small Business Marketing

Youtube is the second biggest search engine. It is owned by Google and they will show Youtube videos on Google in regular search results. Not many small businesses utilize the power of Youtube. You could be the only small business in your market on Youtube. If that is the case then you would be the only one showing up with video results when someone searched for your service in Marlton.

Videos have a %43 higher click rate than just plain text results!

If you are the only company in your market with videos on Youtube then you have a surefire shot at the first page.

Youtube Drives Traffic to Your Website

If people are searching for your product or services in your town and then watch your video. The next step will be to click to your website. Having video is a huge plus because you have an instant connection with potential clients.

I’ve worked on projects using Youtube. After the project was done we let the videos sit there. Recently I saw traffic was coming from youtube from the website analytics report. I realized it was from the old videos we did two years earlier. I went back and looked at the videos and they had five thousand views and were still sending traffic.

How to Use Youtube Marketing Your Small Business Marlton NJ

Youtube Keeps Visitors on Your Website Helping SEO

You can create videos explaining different aspects of your business. When you embed them on your website visitors can watch them without going to Youtube. When they watch a video on your site it shows Google that your website visitors are spending more time on your page. That is a determining factor in SEO.

Youtube Works Faster than SEO

When you post a video on Youtube it is automatically indexed and ranked. It takes a lot longer to rank your website with with normal SEO. As long as you follow the best practices for posting on Youtube you have a great shot at ranking quickly.

Youtube Will Eventually Pay You for Posting Videos

This one has a caveat. If you are posting interesting content and posting consistently your channel will grow. You will gain subscribers and viewers. Once you hit 1k subscribers you can have ads run on your channel. Once you reach that point Youtube will pay you for views. For many small businesses this is not the main goal for using Youtube. But it can be a nice option if in the future you were getting a check every month.

Ideas for Youtube Videos

There are so many creative things you can use Youtube for. You can do interviews, show products, do crazy fun videos with staff, answer FAQs. The possibilities are endless. Just be creative. If you can’t be a tiny bit creative then its better to not be on the platform. The main reasons people use youtube as a search engine is to be educated. If you can be a tiny bit creative and entertaining while teaching about yourself, your business, and industry, then you will win.

If you are a plumber do a video of crawling under a house and diagnosing a broken pipe. If you’re a lawyer maybe you could do some fun videos of the office to show you are approachable. Maybe a video of you filling out thank you cards to your clients. A little shameless promotion never hurts. No matter what industry you are in there are a ton of creative ways to answer questions and solve people’s problems.

If you have any question on How to use Youtube marketing small business Marlton NJ send me a message. Even if you just need some advice we would love to point you in the right direction.

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