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Real Estate Blogs – How to Write Posts for SEO – Podcast E 6

Real Estate Blogs – How to Write Posts for SEO

It’s time to start writing. Put the pen to paper and start creating content. You can write an amazing post full of useful information but if it is not formatted right no one will see it. As an agent with a real estate blog that would defeat the purpose. I’m going to explain all the steps you need to do to have your post formatted correctly for SEO. Follow these rules and you will see a significant difference in your real estate blogs.

Yoast SEO Plugin

This is the most useful tool you can have. If there is only one plugin you could choose, this would be it. Everything I am going to explain in this post you can visualize and see on the yoast plugin.

Everything you are doing wrong and right will be found in real time on this plugin. It will show you how many words you have wrote, if your headings are correct, if you have the correct alt tags. EVERYTHING you need to do will be on this plugin.

I checked the plugin right now for this post while I am writing it. This it what it is showing me so far.

Real Estate Blogs

As you can see, it is extremely thorough. The red and yellow lights I need to change to green. This is the most important tool you should have on your real estate blog. And it’s free!

WordPress Text Editor

This is important. WordPress updated to a new version recently and changed the text editor. It is now a box builder format. I find this update annoying. There is a quick fix, Just download the plugin called Classic Editor. It will keep your wordpress text editor the same.

Headings and Text

Enter your main keyword in to the text box on your yoast plugin. Now you can start writing. There are two ways to do this. You can write all your text at once then go back and format it. Or you can format as you go. I like to format as I go. I am an SEO guy though and not a natural writer. If you are a natural writer it may be easier for you to do all the writing in one shot.

Using wordpress there is a title box on the top of a post. Fill this in with your keyword. This is your H1. You can see mine for this post is “Real Estate Blogs – How to Write Posts for SEO”. My main keyword is Real Estate Blogs.

Now in your text box where you are going to write your post you can start with an opening paragraph or put the title again. when you enter the keyword title again you want to label it as an H2.

Every heading in your post is now going to be H2 or H3. You never want to use an H1 since your title is always labeled an H1.

H2 headings are main points and H3 headings are sub points. You can mix and match as long as they follow that rule. So as an example you can have:










You could format a post like that. Or if you didn’t really have any sub points you could use all H2 headings.

A perfect amount of text is 1,100+ words. Keep your text informative and engaging. Adding filler text and words like you used to do in high school to up your word count does not work here.

When you are writing don’t overstuff your keyword into your text. You don’t need to go nuts trying to add it in every little place you can. Just write naturally and I’m sure it will naturally show up.

This next section on Images I will show you how I set the headings.

Images on Blog Posts (H2)

Add one or two images and a feature image. Images help you stand out and a good image can be the difference between your post getting the click or another post. This is an easy step but there are three separate rules you have to follow.

Don’t Steal Images (H3)

You can’t just go on the internet and take a image from google search. Many of these are copyrighted and will set you up for a lawsuit. Either take your own (recommended) or go to a site like Pixabay or Unsplash where you can use photos for free. You do get favor from Google for original images. I highly recommend original photos. You have a phone with a camera in it that has almost the same sensor as professional cameras now. Don’t be lazy, just take some great photos.

Resize and save them for the web (H3)

Don’t just upload the photo you just took. Make sure the size is small (72 dpi)and ready for a website. If you can save it as a .jpg file that would be good. You don’t need an image to be any wider than 1200 pixels. That is the widest your site will be. Mobile traffic is about 75 percent of web traffic now so your photo is mostly going to be seen on a phone. Your site needs to load FAST.

Pro Tip: This is optional and could fall under site speed. Choose not to show your feature image. Have one, and set one for each post but don’t have it show when someone visits your page. This will speed up your page which is IMPORTANT. It also helps the end user. They are looking for information not pretty pictures.

Add Alt tags to images (H3)

Take your main keyword and add it to all the Alt tags of your photos. This tag tells Google what the photo is about. So if your photos have an Alt tag that is your main keyword it helps your SEO. When you are saving your photo for the web same it with your keyword in the title. Don’t just keep it a number like 01232019.png but make the title something like How to Write Posts Real Estate Blogs.png 

I think now you can see that your keyword is filtered through every aspect of your post and not just in the text.

See how I set up the Headings in that last section on images? It’s that easy. 

Meta Description

It’s time to complete a very important step for SEO. You need to adjust your metadata. I know this sounds intimidating but don’t worry it’s easy.

Go down to the Yoast plugin and click “Edit Snippet”. This is how your post will look in the search results on Google.

SEO Meta for Real Estate Blogs

You can see how I adjusted mine for this post. Your main keyword needs to be first in all the boxes. Those little green bars will change from orange to green as you type, telling you when you have good information.

It is that easy.

The more of these things you do and can get right the more Google favors you over another site that doesn’t have everything complete. If you are competing against another site and both of you are even on everything except the only difference is you have alt tags on your photos. Google will pick your site since you have the tiebreaker. There are hundreds of little measurements Goggle uses and we don’t know them all. But we do know some, and the more we can do the better our chances are.

That brings me to the end of this post. I covered some of the main points on best practices for real estate blogs. See how I snuck the keyword in there? If you have questions or need help figuring this out, send me a message.

One last thing. Here is what the yoast plugin is showing. I’m fine with these results:

Real Estate Blogs Stats

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