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Real Estate Marketing Companies – Can you afford one?

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Do you need to look for real estate marketing companies? That depends. In the traditional sense you probably don’t need one. There are other ways a good real estate marketing company can help you though. We specialize in working with real estate agents. There is a gap in the real estate marketing world that no one has filled. I’m going to explain why you need a real estate marketing company but can use one without breaking the bank.

Real Estate Marketing CompaniesReal Estate Marketing Companies

Marketing companies usually works with businesses. They charge a monthly fee to get certain results. Many marketing companies do very well and do amazing marketing work. When you find a marketing company and ask for pricing they aren’t likely to give you a good deal because it just wouldn’t be worth it for them. They already get paid from businesses that have the budget. It’s not worth it for them to charge much less to take on a real estate agent.

Some real estate agents that are established and deal in high priced real estate will sometimes hire a marketing company. They have the money to be able to hire a marketing agency. If you are a new real estate agent you don’t have the budget to hire a great marketing agency. So what do you do?

Can You Afford a Marketing Company

This is the hard part of being a new agent. Once you have your license and are working for a broker, you realize quickly that no one is going to help you out. You are on your own. Yes, brokers offer trainings and other tools you can take advantage of. But no one is going to walk you through a great marketing system that will magically get you leads. Your going to have to figure it out on your own. It’s a catch 22. You need to market to find buyers and sellers, but you can’t pay for good marketing till you have the buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Marketing Consultant

This is why I creating my online course and have my free facebook group for agents. I took the class to get my real estate license and was on my way to becoming an agent. Then I started working with agents doing their marketing for them. I liked the marketing better than dealing with buyers and sellers. So I created a course based off everything that I have done as a marketing consultant.

Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The best way a new real estate agent can market themselves is with content marketing. Let me explain what I mean. Content marketing should not be the only thing you should be doing. But it should be a main focus.

What exactly is content marketing? The best definition from the Content Marketing Institute is: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

To break that down it means giving people that are searching for answers the answer. This idea is so stupidly simple yet SO effective. When you supply someone an answer to their question you automatically become an expert in that area. It’s crazy I know, but it happens.

Content can be made in any form and distributed anywhere. There does happen to be one way that is better than the rest. So save you the suspense I’m going to tell you. A blog is the best and most effective way to post content. Here are a few stats about content marketing that should drive my point home.

Content Marketing Statistics

Those stats are crazy. Only 11% of agents have a blog? And I bet half of them are automated. You can read why that’s bad here.

This leaves a HUGE space for an agent to fill. It would be easy too since there are no other agents blogging.

Why Blogging is so Important for a Real Estate Agent

Why is it such a big deal to blog? Because each post you blog becomes a page on the internet that Google will rank. And if you don’t have any competition you become the only one and Google has no choice but to rank you.

Think about what a person looking for a house for the first time is searching. Off the top of my head I’m going to guess a few. We bought our first house last year so I think I have some good ideas.

  1. “What does my credit score need to be to buy a house”
  2. “First time home buyer grants in NJ”
  3. “What is PMI and do I Need PMI”

There are three. Now what if you took the couple of hours and wrote out a thoughtful, interesting, and helpful answer in a blog post? Now Google will put your post up to position 1,2, or 3. I can guarantee that you will be getting clicks and leads. I know cause it’s what happens with my clients.

This doesn’t happen overnight. There is a time period that Google needs to see you be consistent before they trust you enough to rank you that high. For most sites and businesses I say it takes about 6 months. However I have seen blogs in the real estate space ranked onto page one in less than a month.

That’s because of the lack of information and competition. There’s no one else for Google to rank so when you step in with good content Google will take it since you are the only one there.


If you are a new agent looking to market yourself I would suggest to start writing ASAP. You don’t have a lot of business going on right now anyway so you might as well take the time and write.

If you need any help or have questions feel free to send me a message. You can email me, Instagram DM, Facebook. I’m available.

If you want to jump into my free Facebook Lead Lab group where we do live video and tutorials Just follow this link. 

Hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon. I hope my energy and passion on the issue of content marketing came through in this post. I want to convey just how important and effective it can be. What if you had 20 leads a month coming in from your blog? How awesome would that be? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring real estate marketing companies.

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