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Real Estate Topics for Discussion – How Often Should You Post

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Two topics that go hand in hand are “real estate topics for discussion” and “how often should you post”. I could have split this into two seperate posts but I said screw it let me cram this post full of info. I’ve been asking realtors what they wish they know about marketing. These are some of the questions I’ve been receiving. Lets jump into real estate topics for discussion first.

What Should You Be Blogging About?

Real Estate Topics for DiscussionIt’s a no brainer that you want to blog about what people want to know. The average person is on the internet for only two reasons.
Entertainment and to learn something.
If you can teach or give an answer to a problem while being entertaining you’ve struck gold. This blog gives answers to real estate agents marketing problems. I try to be entertaining but I have a long way to go in that department. As long as my content is great at solving a problem I don’t have to be amazing at the entertainment.
The great thing about blogging and the internet is that you know right away if your content is working. You can see the numbers and the bounce rate (how fast a visitor hits the back button and “bounces” off your site). This helps you get better and adjust.

Real Estate Topics for Discussion

Let’s get to the jucy section. We will list off some ideas for topics for your real estate blog. First you need some research tools. If this sounds like to much to do for a blog then blogging is not for you.
You will lose to someone like me who knows what to write about because I used the tools. The right tools show you what people are searching for and how competitive it is to rank for that phrase.
Here are the best free tools for finding keywords for your real estate blog:
Once you have these tools you can start searching and seeing what people actually search for. Use these as a guide to pick your keywords and what your posts are going to be about.

Ask Your Clients For Real Estate Topics

This is easy and people always need reminders to do it. Write down all those crazy and dumb questions you get over and over again. If people are asking you something all the time, I know they are also searching online for it.
Write a list of every question you can think of that someone has asked you. Even the dumb ones. This will provide a great list of real estate topics for discussion.
Ask your clients. Talk to a few of your best clients that you have a good connection with. Go through every step of the home buying process and ask them what is one thing they would have wanted to know. Ask about mortgages, offers, escrow. With each home buyer you have different situations and different questions. You should be able to get a variety of questions.
Now you can take this list back to your keyword tools. Enter in all the questions you’ve collected and find the best ones to start with. This is a great way to find real estate topics for discussion.

Which now leads us into how often should you post on your blog.

For more ideas on content you can check out my post on content ideas.

How Often Should You Post on Your Blog

This is where different variables come into play. I’ve looked at a few other posts about this and I don’t 100 percent agree with them. they seem to not give a straight answer. Here are the different variables that can affect how often you should post.
  • Competition
  • How new is your blog
Weird. For some reason I thought there would be more but I guess not. There’s only two variables, I thought I was going to have a long list. The competition online and How new your website is. That’s it.

Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)

Here’s why this is important and relates to how often you should post on your blog. Google ranks every site against each other. We know this but most of us never break it down to understand what it means. Google has around 300 different factors they measure sites against. There’s most likely more, but most people in the industry believe it’s up around 300+.
One of  Google’s ranking factors is how long has a site been around. This lets them know that the site owners are serious. If you have a newer site there isn’t much posts or content on there. Competing against sites that have been around much longer with lots of content will be tough.
One way to get over this is with content and posting. A common thought is that a site should have at least 15-20 pieces of content on it as a starting point. The quality of your content and the frequency that you post will affect how fast and how high you rank.

How Often Should You Blog

Here is the answer. You need to blog at least once a week, minimum. If you are new try and do a few a week. I try and shoot for every day. I’m in a competitive market though. The market for local real estate agents has no competition at all. I have a client who has 8 blog posts up over 6 months and she is ranking a number 2 for some search terms.
I like to think about it as planting money trees. Each blog post you write is going to grow with all the others and bring you money. The more I can plant right now the better results I will see from that post down the road. I’ve also seen the results blogging brings and I’m not blogging and hoping that someday it pays.
I already have seen it so I know how important it is. That makes me try to write every day.

What Happens When You Blog Every Day

A word of warning. Especially if you are blogging every day. Google will learn your tendencies. Google will send its spider bots around  to crawl your site. They will come around once a week. Usually around 3 or 4 in the morning. Sounds creepy right?
They are looking for changes to your site. If there’s new content they will record it and index it on to the search engines. These calculations are always ongoing. Now with a new piece of content the whole search results can change. What if you aren’t the only one posting content. Now everything is getting shuffled every minute.
If you are posting every day Google will get used to that. You can actually force google to crawl your site. I do that after every post. But if you let Google crawl when they want to they will learn your posting schedule.
Say you’re posting every day and you post every day for a month. You have 30 posts and are ranking number 1,2, or 3. Since you now have a nice ball of content and you can see momentum, you decide to throttle back a little.

Blog Frequence

You start posting 2 or 3 times a week. Google who has learned that you post everyday has been sending the bot to crawl your blog every night. Now that you start skipping days you throw a wrench into Google. After a week or two of only posting twice a week you will see your other posts drop in the ranking.
Don’t worry though. Google is relearning your new schedule and you should see your other posts start to climb back up over time. This is one drawback to posting every day when you start out. Google will give you a boost for creating such good content every day.
Honestly, I would rather have that problem and post every day. Posting once a week takes longer to rank to page 1. I’ve found that once you get used to posting every other day, it becomes easier and easier. There is no need to back off. Sometimes even if I miss a week I hardly drop at all. and once I jump back into writing and posting my rankings shoot back up.

Conclusion for Real Estate Topics for Discussion

So there’s my answer to how often should you post. Let me know if that helps you. If you love what you do and love helping others blogging is easy. I love helping other and teaching and I look at blogging like that. After someone reads this, if they take this advice they are one step closer to success with their blog. Real estate agents are natural teachers and helpers. If you aren’t, you picked the wrong industry lol.
If you have any questions shoot me a message or find me on social. I’m always available. I mean that too. I’m not going to charge you to answer a question or make you pay a consulting fee. Those that know deep down what I’m saying will work end up buying my complete course. So I’m happy to help you in anyway I can!
If you want a free yearly content schedule sample use the form and I’ll trade you an email for it. I don’t spam and actually I haven’t even sent out an email yet. So if you see an email from me you’ll know it’s important.

I'll trade you an email for a sample content calander!

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