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The Best Social Media Sites for Real Estate Agents – Podcast E 5

It’s annoying right? All the social media networks. I mean, with all the people and marketing gurus bombarding you from every side on what platform you should be on, what do you do? If you’ve been a real estate agent for any amount of time you’ve heard that you need to be on every platform under the sun. Do you though? You have tried a few and haven’t hardly seen any real results. At least not enough to spend even more precious time developing and executing a strategy. The amount of time it takes to run a social media campaign can be as much as a full time job. And who has the time for that.

Well we have some good news, you don’t have to go nuts on social media to be effective. Especially if you are focusing on content marketing and not social media marketing. Like Seth Godin says: “Content Marketing is the only effective form of marketing left”. SO lets look at how you SHOULD be using social media to support your content marketing.

The Best Social Media Sites – Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The first thing we need to do is shift our mindset on social media. If you have a system on a few social platforms that works good for you, great! Keep doing what you are doing. I’m not going to tell you to completely stop using social. If you are great at it, keep going. The way I uses social media is 100% to point back to my site and content. Your content is what sells and that is what you need people to see. So lets go through which platforms you need to be on to promote your content. 


Everyone has a Facebook. The older demographic is the group who uses Facebook the most. But we aren’t going to use Facebook for reach. Whenever you post a blog post, share it to Facebook and in all the community groups you are in. The main reason to do this is so Google can see the link from your blog going out and being active.
That is the biggest reason to be on any social account. To give google the impression that you actually care about your blog and that it is a serious project. Social media accounts help with that.


Twitter is the worst. As a social media platform its horrible. Unless your in a few select industries and love using it, it’s a waste of time. Google will see your twitter account though and rank it on their search results. Google can take some time in ranking your site. But they will usually rank your twitter pretty quick.
If you are sharing your blog posts on twitter they can show up in google search via your twitter feed. Make sure you are putting your website address in all your social media about/info/bio sections.


If you have any personality at all you can make Youtube work for you. I didn’t talk about youtube in depth on the podcast episode so I will explain some more things here. You tube is not a true social media network in the purest sense. It is a mash up of Social + search and is more effective for content marketing than only using it to post videos.
There are a few really effective ways to use Youtube. You can showcase houses, do interview videos with buyers, sellers, mortgage people. When you embed a youtube video on your blog it helps boosts your time spent on a page. This is a big ranking factor with Google. If you have one more thing keeping people on your post it will help you. Youtube videos are the perfect tool to make that happen. Google also owns Youtube so they give you a little boost for using it.


This might be a shock to some of you, but Pinterest is THE most effective social media platform. Pinterest is a search engine more than a social platform. It’s the only platform where when you post a post it lives on there forever. On the other social sites they are all stream based. After you post something it will get pushed down and in a few minutes to an hour no one will see that post again. But on Pinterest the longer a post is on the site the more chance you have of it resurfacing again. The more you post on Pinterest the more effective it becomes. It works exactly like your blog, the more content you post the more the snowball starts rolling.
A couple sites I did not touch on are Linkedin and Instagram. Treat Linkedin the same as Facebook just with a more professional voice. Instagram you should treat as a straight social media channel. In my opinion it is the best platform for pure social media marketing.
Let me know if this information helps you as you market yourself as a real estate agent. If you have any questions shoot me a message. I would love to hear from you and as long as it isn’t anything crazy I have no problem helping you out. Don’t forget to listen, share, and subscribe to the podcast.
Next week I should have a little time to prepare for the episode on packing your blog posts with correct SEO. I wanted to go over that this week but I had a crazy week and didn’t get to it. I’ll see you all next week!

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