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What is the Best Platform for a Blog? – Podcast E 3

I see people using many different platforms to host their blog. Some work ok while others just are a total waste of time. If it’s free it’s probably not worth using. Why waste time creating great content and information to just throw it all away on a freebie blog that no one will ever see.

We use WordPress for our blogs and we will lay out the reasons why we do. We have tried a few different platforms and have found that WordPress has been the most effective with the best results.

Why You Should Use WordPress For a Blog

I’m just going say it right away, WordPress is hands down the best blogging platform. Over 60% of the internet runs on WordPress. You will come across people who don’t like WordPress and put it down. But for blogging purposes it is THE best. The most important reason to use it is because Google LOVES WordPress sites. For some reason Google ranks WordPress sites even over their own blogging platform, Blogger. If you search around the internet you will find many different theories on why Google loves WordPress. I believe that it is the way the code is set up on a WordPress site. WordPress code is set up in a different structure than regular coded sites.

Not to get too techy but the main H1 on a WordPress site is set up over the blog page. On a hand coded site the H1 is set over the main home page. Also it is super easy to correctly set up the headings and other things that make the blog post technically correct. Which makes it easier for Google to read. But I digress. Just as long as you know that WordPress is the best platform for a blog. You don’t need to know exactly how it works just that it does.

How to Get Started Setting up A WordPress Blog

This can get a little complicated if you have never set one up before. But don’t get discouraged with a little patience and some googling it really is not a big deal.

  1. Go to your favorite company that you buy your website domain from. If you have never done this I would suggest Godaddy or SiteGround. Godaddy has a better user experience for beginners but SiteGround has a better product.
  2. Click on WordPress hosting and buy it. There should be a walk through, one click install to set it up. When they ask you to type in a username and password it is to create a new one for your WordPress blog NOT the one you used to sign in to Godaddy or SiteGround.
  3. Select a domain name that you connect to your WordPress hosting account. The site is like your house where you live, the domain is the address so people can find your house. So you will need the two. The WordPress host and your domain name (address).
  4. After it is set up. Just go to your address for example www.mywordpressblog.com and add /wp-admin to the end. That will take you to your WordPress log in. This is where you use the username and log in that you set up earlier.

WordPress is the Best Platform for a Blog with a Podcast

WordPress is also an easy platform to blog on if you have a podcast. There are great options for integrating a podcast on to your blog. I am not really taking advantage of them. I am using the Anchor App and embedding my episodes on each post. You can look into it and see the different options for podcasting and blogging. I use this method because I am not a podcaster. I just use it as another place of exposure for Macpherson Marketing. The Anchor App is nice because it’s free and easy to use and it hosts the podcast and distributes it to all the main players. 

Next post will be all about setting us the actual blog. So stay tuned. If you have any issues and need some help just send me a message. And if you just want someone to set the whole thing up for you we can do that for a small cost. See you next week!

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